Seaching PHP Programmer?

Cutting and styling hair, hairdresser creates unique hairstyle and shows his skill. As for me I take no notice about my appearance at all because I show my skills in other way . It will be enough to put on the knitted sweater and have a shave for several times a month.  However I deviate from the subject. You are looking for PHP Programmer, and have no intention speaking about stereotypes.

My name is Andrey, I am PHP Developer.  I can tell you about my advantages for a long time. For example, that I know the section  PHP+MySQL, how deep my knowledge in JavaScript, and howoften I use patterns and frameworks. But I wouldn’t do it. The list of my skills you can read in my Resume if you are interested.

I think that modern web programmer could be characterized only in Githab’s profile. But all people can’t size up software code, and they needn’t it, everyone must practise his profession. So specially for you I prepare my Portfolio. Do you trust me? No, you don’t? Well I don’t want to deceive you. I simply like to take pleasure in results of my work.

And now to the principal

  • I’ll  never change freelance for work at any office,  only if it will be my own office. Everybody lies :)
  • I wouldn’t tell you the fixed time of project.
  • I wouldn’t tell you an exact price.

But instead of it I’ll do my best for you to receive a high-quality software product.