I have no exact price list for each kind of service. I don’t sell any service, I sell my time.

The prices can vary from $30 to $50  per hour and depend on 2 facts: complication and volume of work. The more a volume the less a price, the more complication the higher price.

The following work won't take much time:

- development new features from $30 per hour;
- error handling, optimization from $40 per hour;
- integration of your software product – from $50 per hour

The following work takes much time (8 hours per day):

- Development of modules for popular cms - from $300 per day;
- Development of components for applications on frameworks from $250 per day;
- Debugging of rare or your cms from $300 per day;

Long-term cooperation (a month = 20 days = 160 hours )

- Server-side $3500 per month
- Clien-side $4500 per month